Whatever Happened To The Cast Of “Supernatural”?




Have you ever wondered what happened to the cast of the beloved TV show “Supernatural”? Well, sit back and get ready for a trip down memory lane as we take a look at where the actors who brought Sam, Dean, and the rest of the Winchester family to life are now. From new projects to unexpected career paths, find out what the stars of “Supernatural” have been up to since the show wrapped up its fifteen-season run.

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)

Roles after Supernatural

Since the conclusion of “Supernatural,” Jared Padalecki has been keeping busy with his acting career. He stars as Cordell Walker in the latest reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger,” a role that showcases his versatility as an actor. Padalecki brings a fresh and captivating portrayal to the iconic character, winning over fans once again.

Public and Private Life

While Padalecki continues to exert his talent on screen, he also prioritizes his role as a loving husband and father. He has been married to his wife, actress Genevieve Cortese, since 2010, and they have three children together. Despite his busy schedule, Padalecki makes it a priority to spend quality time with his family and create lasting memories.

Community Involvement

Beyond his professional success, Padalecki is also known for his commitment to charitable causes. He actively supports organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms, an advocacy group for mental health awareness, and Always Keep Fighting, which aims to destigmatize mental health issues. Padalecki’s dedication to his community is truly admirable and makes a positive impact on the lives of many.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)

Landing Roles after Supernatural

Following his iconic portrayal of Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles has continued to showcase his talent in various projects since the conclusion of “Supernatural.” He joined the cast of “The Boys,” a hit superhero series, in its third season, taking on the role of Soldier Boy. Ackles’s captivating performance has generated excitement among fans and critics alike.

Family Life

Ackles prioritizes his role as a dedicated family man, as evidenced by his marriage to actress Danneel Harris and their three children. Despite his demanding schedule, Ackles makes it a point to create a balanced and fulfilling family life. His dedication to his loved ones is an integral part of who he is, both on and off-screen.

Ventures Outside Television

In addition to his acting pursuits, Ackles has ventured into directing and producing. He co-founded Chaos Machine Productions, which aims to create innovative and engaging content across various mediums. With his creative vision and dedication to storytelling, it will be exciting to see what ventures Ackles undertakes in the future.

Misha Collins (Castiel)

Television Roles Post-Supernatural

After his memorable portrayal of the beloved angel Castiel, Misha Collins has continued to make waves in the television industry. He has taken on various roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Collins recently starred in the thriller series “Gish” and impressed audiences with his captivating performance.

Charitable Works

Collins is widely recognized for his remarkable philanthropic efforts. Through his organization, Random Acts, he spearheads initiatives that promote kindness and generosity worldwide. Collins also organizes annual charity events, such as the Supernatural conventions, where fans and cast members come together to make a positive impact on the community. His dedication to making the world a better place is truly inspiring.

Other Entertainment Ventures

Aside from his television roles and charitable work, Collins has expanded his creative pursuits. He recently released a cookbook entitled “The Adventurous Eater’s Field Guide,” showcasing his passion for food and culinary exploration. With his boundless creativity and passion, Collins continues to delight fans with his diverse talents.

Mark Sheppard (Crowley)

Roles on Different Series

Mark Sheppard has successfully transitioned into various roles since bidding farewell to the fan-favorite character Crowley. He has appeared in shows like “The Umbrella Academy” and “Supergirl,” captivating audiences with his incredible range and ability to bring complex characters to life. Sheppard’s talent remains as impressive as ever.

Personal Achievements

Beyond his professional success, Sheppard has achieved personal milestones that reflect his multifaceted nature. He is a skilled musician and has released music under his own name, showcasing his passion for the arts in various forms. Sheppard’s ability to excel in different creative outlets is a testament to his talent and dedication.

Contributions to the Arts

With a deep appreciation for the arts, Sheppard’s influence extends beyond acting and music. He actively supports organizations that foster creativity and self-expression. Sheppard’s involvement with theater and his dedication to promoting the arts make him an invaluable figure in the entertainment industry.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester)

Growth in the Film Industry

Since his role as John Winchester, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has experienced tremendous growth in the film industry. He has appeared in acclaimed movies such as “Watchmen” and “The Walking Dead,” solidifying his status as a versatile and sought-after actor. Morgan continues to mesmerize audiences with his captivating performances.

Family and Personal Life

Morgan’s personal life has also flourished since Supernatural. He has been in a long-term relationship with actress Hilarie Burton, and they have two children together. Morgan places great importance on family and cherishes the time he spends with his loved ones, balancing his professional life with his personal priorities.

Community Work

Morgan’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond his on-screen endeavors. He actively participates in charity events, including the annual “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon. Morgan’s involvement in various causes demonstrates his genuine desire to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Katie Cassidy (Ruby)

Roles in Television Shows

Katie Cassidy has seamlessly transitioned into a variety of television roles since her time as Ruby on “Supernatural.” She captivated audiences with her portrayal of Laurel Lance in the hit series “Arrow,” and her talent continues to shine in subsequent projects. Cassidy’s ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters is truly remarkable.

Personal Life Highlights

As she thrives in her professional life, Cassidy also embraces personal milestones. She married her longtime partner, Matthew Rodgers, in 2018, and they have since welcomed their first child together. Cassidy’s commitment to both her career and personal happiness serves as an inspiration to fans around the world.

Charity Involvements

Cassidy actively supports various charitable initiatives. She advocates for organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and promotes awareness for mental health issues. Cassidy’s dedication to giving back to the community reflects her compassionate nature and the positive impact she strives to make on the world.

Lauren Cohan (Bella Talbot)

Advancement in the Movie Industry

Lauren Cohan has made significant strides in her acting career since her portrayal of the cunning Bella Talbot on “Supernatural.” She has graced the silver screen in acclaimed movies like “The Boy” and the highly successful “The Walking Dead” series, where she gained widespread recognition for her compelling performances.

Personal Life Updates

While Cohan’s career continues to thrive, she also embraces personal growth and happiness. She values privacy but has openly expressed her desire to explore different aspects of her life. Cohan’s dedication to both her personal and professional development is commendable, and fans eagerly anticipate her future endeavors.

Philanthropic Works

Cohan is actively involved in charitable activities, supporting organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and the Epilepsy Foundation. Her commitment to raising awareness and supporting those affected by these causes demonstrates her compassion and desire to make a significant difference in the world.

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)

Career After Supernatural

Jim Beaver has maintained a consistent presence in the entertainment industry since his portrayal of the beloved Bobby Singer on “Supernatural.” He has appeared in several television shows, including “Breaking Bad” and “Justified,” showcasing his versatility as an actor. Beaver continues to captivate audiences with his unforgettable performances.

Major Life Events

Alongside his professional success, Beaver has experienced significant personal milestones. He became a father later in life, welcoming his daughter into the world. Beaver cherishes his role as a devoted father and finds joy in the blessings of family life. His ability to balance his career and personal life is truly commendable.

Contributions to Literature

In addition to his acting career, Beaver has made notable contributions to literature. He is an accomplished author, with several books to his name. Beaver’s writing showcases his profound storytelling abilities and allows fans to further explore his unique perspective. His literary contributions are a testament to his talent and love for the written word.

Alexander Calvert (Jack Kline)

Rising Career in the Film Industry

Alexander Calvert, who portrayed the powerful Nephilim Jack Kline, has been steadily making his mark in the film industry since “Supernatural.” He has starred in acclaimed projects such as “Edge of Winter” and “Slasher,” captivating audiences with his raw talent and ability to immerse himself in diverse roles.

Highlights in Personal Life

While Calvert’s career continues to soar, he actively embraces the importance of personal growth and fulfillment. He values privacy when it comes to his personal life but has expressed gratitude for the support of his loved ones. Calvert’s commitment to self-discovery is evident in his transformative performances.

Charities He’s Involved In

Calvert has demonstrated his dedication to making a positive impact through his involvement in charitable organizations. He supports causes like mental health awareness and educational initiatives. Calvert’s commitment to giving back to communities in need showcases his compassion and desire to create a better world.

Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester)

Roles Since Leaving Supernatural

Samantha Smith, who portrayed the iconic character Mary Winchester, has continued to showcase her acting prowess in various roles since her departure from “Supernatural.” She has appeared in hit shows such as “24” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” leaving an indelible impression on audiences with her performances.

Family Life

Smith, like her on-screen character, values the importance of family. She is a proud mother to two children and cherishes the moments she spends with them. Her commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the significance of nurturing relationships outside of work.

Community and Charity Work

Smith actively participates in charity events and initiatives. Through her involvement in causes like Random Acts and The Actor’s Fund, she exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Smith’s efforts to uplift and support others reflect her compassionate spirit and desire to bring about positive change.

In conclusion, the cast of “Supernatural” has experienced remarkable growth in their respective careers and personal lives since the iconic show ended. They continue to make a positive impact through their acting talents, philanthropic efforts, and various creative pursuits. Fans eagerly anticipate the future endeavors of these talented individuals, knowing that they will continue to inspire and captivate audiences in their new ventures.


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