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The popular crime procedural drama “Criminal Minds” left a lasting impression on viewers with its complex characters and intense storylines. But as the series came to a close, fans couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the talented cast that brought these characters to life. From the brilliant minds of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, to the troubled geniuses and skilled profilers, this article takes a look at where our favorite cast members of “Criminal Minds” have been since bidding farewell to the BAU.

Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)

Career after ‘Criminal Minds’

After his departure from “Criminal Minds” in 2016, Thomas Gibson focused on developing his acting career further. He took on various roles in both television and film to showcase his versatility as an actor. Gibson appeared in the medical drama series “Chicago Med,” where he played a recurring character named Dr. David Duncan. Additionally, he starred in the crime drama film “Axis” and the psychological thriller “Shadow Wolves.”

Personal Life and Challenges

Outside of his professional endeavors, Thomas Gibson faced a few personal challenges. In 2013, he was involved in a highly publicized incident on the set of “Criminal Minds,” resulting in his dismissal from the show. However, Gibson remained dedicated to his craft and focused on rebuilding his career. Despite these obstacles, he continued to prove his talent as an actor and maintained a loyal fan following throughout his journey.

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)

Transition to other TV Shows

Shemar Moore’s departure from “Criminal Minds” in 2016 marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career. He effortlessly transitioned to other television shows, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Moore landed a leading role in the crime drama series “S.W.A.T,” where he portrays the character of Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. His dynamic performance and charismatic on-screen presence continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Contribution to Social Causes

Aside from his acting career, Shemar Moore is actively involved in various social causes. He uses his platform to support organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Baby2Baby, which provides basic necessities to children in need. Moore’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact on society and utilizing his fame for the greater good.

Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)

Continuing Acting Career

Matthew Gray Gubler, best known for his portrayal of Dr. Spencer Reid, has continued to establish himself as a prominent actor in the industry. Apart from appearing in numerous films such as “500 Days of Summer” and “(500) Days of Summer,” Gubler has found success in television. He wrote, directed, and starred in episodes of the long-running animated show “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior,” further showcasing his multi-talented nature.

Art and Direction Pursuits

In addition to his acting skills, Gubler has delved into the world of art and direction. He is an accomplished painter and has showcased his artwork in various galleries worldwide. Gubler’s unique and eccentric style has garnered praise from art enthusiasts. Furthermore, he has directed several episodes of “Criminal Minds” and even directed a full-length feature film titled “Suburban Gothic.” Gubler’s creative pursuits outside of acting highlight his versatility and passion for the arts.

Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss)

Branching into Comedy

After her departure from “Criminal Minds” in 2012, Paget Brewster found success in the world of comedy. She joined the popular sitcom “Community” as a series regular, portraying the character of Frankie Dart. Brewster’s comedic timing and sharp wit endeared her to both critics and fans alike. Her seamless transition into comedy demonstrated her versatility as an actress and expanded her opportunities in the industry.

Voice Acting Ventures

In addition to her live-action roles, Paget Brewster has also ventured into voice acting. She lent her voice to various animated shows, including the highly acclaimed series “BoJack Horseman,” where she voiced the character of Birdie. Brewster’s talent for voice acting allowed her to explore new dimensions in her career while adding depth and personality to animated characters.

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)

Theater and Movie Roles

Joe Mantegna, who portrayed David Rossi in “Criminal Minds,” has a diverse range of roles in his illustrious career. He has a deep-rooted passion for theater and has appeared in numerous stage productions, including the Tony Award-winning play “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Mantegna’s theatrical prowess has earned him critical acclaim and further solidified his status as a versatile actor.

Passion for Philanthropy

Beyond his acting commitments, Joe Mantegna is actively involved in philanthropy. He is an avid supporter of organizations such as The Rape Foundation and is dedicated to raising awareness about sexual abuse and assault. Mantegna’s philanthropic efforts reflect his deep compassion for others and his commitment to making a positive impact on societal issues.

A.J. Cook (Jennifer Jareau)

Roles post ‘Criminal Minds’

Following her departure from “Criminal Minds” in 2020, A.J. Cook explored various roles in both television and film. She starred in the supernatural horror film “Wer” and appeared in the crime drama series “Profoundly Normal.” Cook’s commitment to her craft and diverse range of roles allowed her to showcase her acting abilities beyond her beloved character of Jennifer Jareau.

Balancing Acting with Motherhood

A.J. Cook’s personal life underwent significant changes during her time on “Criminal Minds.” She got married in 2001 and welcomed two sons into her family, balancing the demands of motherhood with her acting career. Cook’s dedication to both her profession and her role as a mother exemplifies her ability to handle multiple responsibilities with grace and determination.

Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)

Other Television Appearances

Kirsten Vangsness, known for her role as Penelope Garcia, has made several guest appearances on various television shows after “Criminal Minds.” She showcased her versatility as an actress by playing different characters in popular series such as “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” and “Almost Home.” Vangsness’ ability to immerse herself in diverse roles demonstrates her talent and adaptability as an actress.

Writing Career

In addition to her acting pursuits, Kirsten Vangsness has cultivated a successful writing career. She co-wrote the off-Broadway play “Mess,” which received critical acclaim and was hailed as a thought-provoking piece of theater. Vangsness’ passion for storytelling extends beyond the screen, showcasing her skill and creativity in various artistic mediums.

LGBTQ Activism

Kirsten Vangsness is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and actively participates in events and initiatives that promote inclusivity and equality. As an openly bisexual individual, she utilizes her voice to support the LGBTQ community and fight against discrimination. Vangsness’ activism demonstrates her dedication to making a positive impact on society and creating a more inclusive world.

Mandy Patinkin (Jason Gideon)

‘Homeland’ Success

After leaving “Criminal Minds,” Mandy Patinkin found tremendous success in the political thriller series “Homeland.” He portrayed the character of Saul Berenson, earning critical acclaim and numerous award nominations for his outstanding performance. Patinkin’s role in “Homeland” allowed him to showcase his talent as a versatile actor, captivating audiences worldwide with his compelling portrayal.

Broadway and Musical Career

In addition to his television success, Mandy Patinkin has a celebrated career on Broadway and in the world of music. He originated the role of Che in the Broadway musical “Evita,” for which he won a Tony Award. Patinkin’s powerful and emotive voice has also earned him critical acclaim in the music industry, with several successful albums to his name. His passion for both acting and singing has made him a formidable force in the entertainment world.

Adam Rodriguez (Luke Alvez)

Ventures into Producing

Following his time on “Criminal Minds,” Adam Rodriguez explored opportunities behind the camera as well. He ventured into producing with the creation of the crime drama series “Reckoning,” where he also had a leading role. Rodriguez’s foray into producing allowed him to have creative control over projects and further expand his repertoire in the industry.

Landscape of Opportunities after ‘Criminal Minds’

Adam Rodriguez’s enduring talent and charisma have opened up a myriad of opportunities after his stint on “Criminal Minds.” He has continued to secure notable roles in television shows such as “The Goodwin Games” and “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.” Rodriguez’s versatility as an actor and his ability to captivate audiences translate into a promising future within the entertainment industry.

Rachel Nichols (Ashley Seaver)

Sci-fi and Action Roles

Rachel Nichols, who played Ashley Seaver on “Criminal Minds,” has found success in sci-fi and action genres. She starred in the science fiction film “Pandemic” and took on the role of a martial arts expert in the action-thriller series “Continuum.” Nichols’ ability to bring strength and depth to her characters in these genres showcases her versatility and range as an actress.

Latest Projects and Endeavors

Since her time on “Criminal Minds,” Rachel Nichols has been involved in various projects. She appeared in the drama film “Inside” and starred in the thriller series “Titans.” Nichols continues to explore roles that challenge her as an actress, allowing her career to flourish and evolve.

In conclusion, the talented cast of “Criminal Minds” has successfully navigated their careers beyond the show, each finding new avenues to showcase their talents and pursue their passions. From branching into different genres, engaging in philanthropy, exploring artistic pursuits, and championing various causes, these actors continue to captivate audiences with their immense talent and leave a lasting impact in the world of entertainment.


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