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John Erik Hexum, a promising young actor with a promising career, tragically met his untimely demise at the age of 26. Known for his captivating performances and striking looks, Hexum captured the attention of audiences across the United States with his role in the TV series “Cover Up.” However, his promising future was abruptly cut short due to a fatal accident on the set of one of his projects, leaving fans and fellow actors mourning the loss of a talented star. As time has passed, the memory of John Erik Hexum has faded somewhat, leading many to wonder: whatever happened to this rising star and what could have been?

Early Life and Education of John Erik Hexum

John Erik Hexum was born on November 5, 1957, in Englewood, New Jersey. He grew up in a loving and supportive family, which consisted of his parents, William and Gretha Hexum, and his younger brother, Gunnar. From an early age, John showed a natural talent for performing, often putting on impromptu shows for his family and friends.

Growing up, John excelled academically and was known for his outgoing and charismatic personality. He attended Tenafly High School, where he participated in various theater productions and developed a deep passion for acting. Following his graduation, he went on to pursue higher education at Michigan State University.

Career Beginnings of Hexum

While studying at Michigan State University, John Erik Hexum took his first steps into the world of modeling. His tall and strikingly handsome appearance caught the attention of talent scouts, leading to various modeling gigs. However, Hexum’s true passion lay in acting, and he soon made the transition from modeling to pursuing a career in acting.

Hexum’s Leading Roles

It was in the early 1980s that John Erik Hexum’s talent and hard work paid off when he landed his breakthrough role as Phineas Bogg in the popular television series ‘Voyagers!’. The show garnered a dedicated fan base and showcased Hexum’s charisma and acting abilities, solidifying his status as a rising star.

Following his success on ‘Voyagers!’, Hexum went on to star in the hit TV series ‘Cover Up’. His role as Mac Harper in the action-packed show catapulted him into the spotlight and cemented his status as one of the most promising actors of his generation. Hexum’s on-screen chemistry with his co-star, Jennifer O’Neill, captivated audiences around the world and further fueled his rising fame.

Hexum’s Other Works

In addition to his television roles, John Erik Hexum also made appearances in various movies and television shows throughout his career. Some notable projects include ‘North and South’, ‘Making of a Male Model’, and ‘The Bear’. Hexum’s versatility and dedication to his craft were evident in these roles, showcasing his ability to bring depth and authenticity to any character he portrayed.

Outside of his acting career, Hexum also had a passion for theater and performed in several stage productions. His stage performances were critically acclaimed, earning him praise for his ability to effortlessly command the stage.

In the public eye, John Erik Hexum was also known for his charitable endeavors. He actively participated in fundraising events and was a vocal advocate for various causes, including animal welfare and children’s rights.

Tragic Accident On The Set Of Cover Up

On October 12, 1984, tragedy struck the set of ‘Cover Up’. During a break in filming, Hexum picked up a prop gun loaded with blanks and playfully put it to his temple. Unbeknownst to him, the blanks contained enough force to cause a fatal injury at close range. Tragically, the gun discharged, causing a fragment of the wadding to penetrate his skull. Hexum collapsed and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Death of John Erik Hexum

The news of John Erik Hexum’s accident sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and his devoted fan base. On October 18, 1984, it was announced that Hexum had succumbed to his injuries at the young age of 26. The loss of such a promising talent was a devastating blow to his family, friends, and co-stars.

Co-stars and members of the Hollywood community expressed their grief and shared fond memories of Hexum. His infectious laughter, magnetic personality, and dedication to his craft left a lasting impression on those who had the privilege of working with him.

In a statement released by the Hexum family, they expressed their deep gratitude for the outpouring of support and love they had received during this difficult time. They emphasized that the memory of John Erik Hexum would forever live on in their hearts and in the hearts of his fans.

Impact and Reaction to Hexum’s Death

The news of John Erik Hexum’s death had a profound impact on the public, leading to an overwhelming outpouring of grief. Fans from around the world sent letters, flowers, and condolences to his family, expressing their love and admiration for the talented actor. The tragedy served as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and left an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

Media outlets paid tribute to Hexum, highlighting his accomplishments and the potential he had yet to fulfill. The loss of such a promising talent prompted discussions and reflections on the importance of safety measures on set and raised questions about the use of firearms in the entertainment industry.

Legal and Ethical Implications of Hexum’s Accident

Following the tragic accident, investigations were conducted to determine the circumstances that led to John Erik Hexum’s death. It was revealed that proper safety protocols were not in place on the set of ‘Cover Up’, leading to the tragic accident. As a result, legal proceedings were initiated to hold those responsible accountable for the lack of precautions.

The outcome of the legal proceedings resulted in new safety regulations and stricter guidelines for the use of firearms on set. Hexum’s death served as a catalyst for change within the industry, prompting a reevaluation of safety practices to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

Hexum’s Legacy

John Erik Hexum’s impact on the television industry continues to be felt even decades after his untimely demise. He is remembered not only for his talent and good looks but also for his dedication and passion for his craft. Hexum’s charm and charisma touched the hearts of many, leaving an indelible mark on both his co-stars and fans.

In recognition of his contributions to television, John Erik Hexum has been honored with posthumous awards and tributes. His legacy lives on through the continued appreciation of his work and the enduring fandom that remains devoted to him.

Life After John Erik Hexum’s Death

For his family, the loss of John Erik Hexum was a devastating tragedy that changed their lives forever. They have since found solace in the memories they shared with him and have worked diligently to keep his memory alive. While the pain of his absence lingers, they have found comfort in the support of friends and the continued love they receive from his fans around the world.

Co-stars and friends have reflected on the impact Hexum had on their lives and careers. Many have credited him with influencing their own journeys in the entertainment industry and speak fondly of the time they shared together. While his death left a void in their lives, they have since found strength in remembering the joy and laughter he brought to those around him.

As for the question of “Where are they now?”, his co-stars and friends have continued to pursue successful careers in the entertainment industry. They have carried the lessons they learned from Hexum with them throughout their lives, forever grateful for the time they had with him.

John Erik Hexum will always be remembered as a talented and promising actor whose untimely death left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His memory lives on through his work, the lasting impact he had on those who knew him, and the continued adoration of his dedicated fandom.


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